About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to enhace communication between customers and designers

Have you ever imagined visualizing your dream home before it comes to life? How convenient would it be to design your dream home collaboratively with your family and stay within your budget! HUKAYA is a self home-designing webapp that allows you to easily design your home, helps you design within budget and finally connects you with suitable architects and engineers for your project.

The word ‘HUKAYA’ comes from Bena, a native language of Njombe city in Tanzania, which means ‘home’ or somewhere you would always want to run back to. HUKAYA hopes to enable you to visualize your dream home and to create the best user experience for its users to always come back to!

Our Services

Home Designing

Design your home in just few clicks. Customise and specify to your liking.

Connect & Book

Connect and Book with professionnals (Architects and Engineers) directly after you design your home.

Cost Estimation

Get an aproximate Budget estimation and prepare financially for the construction of your home.

Mobile Designing

Design with family members no matter how far from home they are.


Download and save all your designs for future use.

Learn & have Fun

Use our tutorials to learn and have fun with our features. Get creative all the time.

Our Story

AUG 19

An Idea Emerged

After witnessing and experiencing the communication problem between customers and professionals during design of homes, but also the unemployment of potential youth, the idea to build Hukaya emerged.

SEP 19

Problem framing

Inorder to solve the right problem, we took our time to understand the user and their needs.

Feb 20

Our First Mock-Up

Our first mockup and prototypes gave us more ideas and insights on how we could improve Hukaya better.

Dec 20

Our MVP Launch

Our very first launch! We hope every user now has one more reason to dream.

Meet the Team

Doreen Mlote


Civil Engineer (BSc.)
Innovation Designer (MEng.)

Alex Mvilli


Maiya Masoud

Sales Manager

Amina Sidibe

Civil Engineer

Raymond Kavombwe

Marketing Strategist