Being a female Civil Engineer

Doreen Mlote

How Is It Like To Be A Female Civil Engineer? This Is A Question Asked To Almost Every Female Civil Engineer. Well.. the answer is “It’s super great!”. Imagine walking around the streets and saying “Yes I built that”.. “Yes I designed that”.. But it all goes well until reality hits.

The Society Usually Underestimates The Abilities Of Women In Civil Engineering.. and Engineering in general. Most say women are “Not Strong Enough”. Well.. If you ask me, I would say Its Important To Work Smarter Not Harder!

Engineering Is All About Identifiying Problematic Areas And designing new ways To Can Tackle them Easily And in a Safer manner. Doing This does Not Only require Strength, but most importantly it needs willingness, motivation, creativity and an analytical mind.

I Believe Women Have A Great Potential To Do Great Things Because They Possess Creativity, Passion And A Hard-Working Spirit. I Advice All Women To Follow Their Dreams And Always Stand In The Fact That They Can Do Anything They Put Their Mind Into.

We often ask ourselves, ‘what’s next? Can I really pull it off? What if I fail?’ It’s time to change the questions to ‘What if I actually succeed? How much impact could I bring? Every step you take is a piece of a puzzle – a puzzle you might not have a picture of. And even when the pieces of puzzle may never make sense, they end up building something beautiful together. Things won’t be easy. But that’s a sign that you are doing it right. So through all.. get up, chin up and stay strong!


The inspiration behind home designing

Doreen Mlote

Why should I care about how my home looks like? Home vs house? whats the difference? A wise man once said "Home is where the heart is!" Threfore your home should tell the stories of who you are and be a collection of what you love. How to make that possible? It all comes down to the design.

The design of a home starts from structure, the floor plan, the furniture.. to the very small details like decor accessories and what-not. There are various things that can totally change the look of the house, for instance lighting, material selection and ofcourse color themes!

Everyone has their own preferences.. our favourite color can be someone else's worst. So why not design your own home easily? That beautiful home you are imagining can actually come to life.. We hope Hukaya just gave you one more reason to dream!



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